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LBL Group Program Guide with KY & TN Correlations

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This section serves as a toolkit for educators and other group leaders who are planning an exciting group visit to Land Between The Lakes. The information you find here can also be used as an educational tool in a classroom or other educational setting.

If you are looking for information on our Brandon Spring Group Center, please click here.

To assist you in meeting your educational objectives, please refer to the Group Program Guide, where you will find information about all the programs offered at each of our facilities. The programs are separated for appropriate grade levels, and each program is aligned with the Kentucky and Tennessee state core curriculum frameworks. After choosing a program, you can find the program's curriculum correlations in the last section of the Group Program Guide.

We also encourage you to connect your field trip to the classroom with our pre- and post-trip activities. We frequently update and enhance the activities we offer, so remember to check back often to find the most updated list of pre- and post-activities!

Click here for driving distances between LBL facilities.

On your field trip to LBL, consider learning and exploring at these sites, too!

  • Hematite Lake Trail and Picnic Area
  • Center Furnace and Interpretive Trail at South Bison Range
  • Great Western Furnace Site
  • Golden Pond Visitor Center - Heritage Exhibit and Picnic Area

Contact us at 270-924-2020 and ask about the programs we offer that meet state education requirements and request a group planner guide. Or, design your own LBL group excursion by choosing from a variety of special programs...

Nature & Wildlife
Guided Nature Hikes
Canoe Excursions
Birding Trips
Native Wildlife Viewing
Self-Guided Driving Tours
Planetarium Shows

History & Heritage
Guided Tours of 19th Century Living History Farm
19th Century Carpentry Demonstrations
Historic Homemaking Demonstrations
Agricultural Demonstrations

Remnants of the Iron Industry & Other Historic Sites - Groups of 10 or more receive a discount on admission price and bus drivers are admitted free. Call 270-924-2020 to learn more about group reservations.

Before Your Visit

  1. Divide large groups. Large groups should be divided into program groups of 30 participants. Please have groups divided ahead of time. Participants must stay with adult leaders.
  2. Determine special needs. Please inform the Group Scheduler of any special needs that members of your group may have concerning accessibility.
  3. Develop itinerary. Be on time! Plan ahead to allow for travel time, lunch, bathroom breaks, hikes, etc. Make sure all adult leaders are aware of your schedule.
  4. Consider the Weather. Your group may be outside for extended periods of time. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather.
  5. Capture Memories. We encourage your group to use cameras/flash to capture their visit in pictures. (Use during Planetarium shows is not permitted.)

During Your Visit

Upon arrival, one leader should go immediately to the facility reception desk with confirmation form, fees, and correct count of adults and children. Thank you in advance!

Safety First... For You and Us

  • Discipline and safety of the group is the responsibility of all group adults.
  • Be cautious around live animals. Do not attempt to pet or feed any live animal. Even the tamest animal can become unpredictable if hurt or startled. All animals at LBL facilities are fed specialized diets.
  • Tapping on glass, throwing things, or chasing free-ranging animals causes stress and potential injury to animals and humans. Loud noises often frighten animals into hiding. A closer look is best achieved with a quiet, slow approach.
  • Keep your pace slow and stay on marked paths to protect the wildlife and plant life. Keeping LBL beautiful requires the cooperation of everyone!
  • Do not pick or remove any plant, animal, or artifact from LBL.
  • Do not climb on or over any fences.
  • We recommend a 1:10 ratio (one adult to every 10 children) for a fun and safe trip.
  • Place trash (including cigarette butts and chewing gum) in appropriate waste receptacles. Trash is unsightly and potentially dangerous to animals.
  • Tell us what you think! Be sure to let us know how we can make your next visit even better.
  • Please limit the number of publications/brochures used by the group. Leaders are encouraged make copies and share with the entire group.

Late Policy

It is critical that groups arrive at the program starting time at each scheduled facility. Groups arriving late may not receive their special program.

Cancellation Policy

Please give us at least two weeks notice if your visit needs to be canceled or rescheduled. If a problem should arise on the day of your scheduled visit, call immediately, so we can make programming changes as necessary.

Respect the ResourceClick here to find out ways you can help keep LBL's environment safe!



Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Activities: The Homeplace | Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Activities: Woodlands Nature Station

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