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Our maps are PDFs so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in. If your browser is properly configured, clicking a map name below opens the Acrobat Reader to view, Save As...Source, and print the map. The free plug-in is available from Adobe's web site.

Also, we have GPS informaiton for many location in LBL listed near the bottom of this page.

Motorized Vehicle Use MapsClick MVUM Logo for the current LBL Motorized Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) and information. The 2014 MVUM is the most accurate and current LBL map.

NEW - LBL GENERAL MAP (1.61MB) LBL facilities, main roads, waterways, boat launching areas.

WHERE WE ARE (90K). LBL location to nearby major cities & interstate highways.


LBL RECREATION MAPS (Highly detailed maps of LBL public access roads, hunt areas, facilities, recreation areas, hiking trails, and more.) Click here for Recreation Maps Sympols: Map Symbols and here for LBL Recreation Map Text (PDF 1,021KB)

NEW - LBL Recreation Map North and South (Updated 11-2013)


NEW - 2013/14 LBL OPEN LANDS HABITAT MAP - 2013-2014 large map showing resource management activities for wildlife plantings, croplands, and grassland fields. (PDF file)

NEW - 2013-2014 LBL OPEN LANDS HABITAT LINKED GRID MAP - (each grid prints on 8.5" x 11" paper) (PDF File)


LBL HUNT AREA MAPS (2010) LBL Map Book of Hunt Areas 1-18. Hunt Area Map prinst on 8.5" x 11" paper.

CAMPGROUND MAPS: Detailed maps of campgrounds. (Updated 2014)

TRAIL MAPS: Close-up trail maps. (Updated 2014)


GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) COORDINATES: Many GPS devices allow you to manually enter latitude and longitude coordinates for your destination. Below is a coordinate list for some of our facilities. The following readings are in NAD83 format and can be used for most GPS devices. Click HERE for a printable list of other LBL areas.

Administrative Office N 36° 46' 32.46" W 88° 3' 32.39"

Brandon Spring Group Center N 36° 33' 11.08" W 87° 55' 39.90"

Elk & Bison Prairie N 36° 47' 0.56" W 88° 4' 0.95"

Energy Lake Campground N 36° 51' 19.75" W 88° 1' 4.64"

Golden Pond Visitor Center & Planetarium N 36° 46' 38.41" W 88° 3' 53.75"

Hillman Ferry Campground N 36° 56' 58.94" W 88° 10' 50.26"

North Welcome Station N 36° 58' 14.60" W 88° 11' 54.27"

Piney Campground N 36° 29' 8.40" W 88° 1' 50.74"

South Welcome Station N 36° 31' 13.61" W 87° 55' 3.87"

The Homeplace N 36° 39' 20.07" W 87° 58' 25.17"

Turkey Bay OHV Area N 36° 45' 2.40" W 88° 4' 17.57"

Woodlands Nature Station N 36° 54' 5.56" W 88° 2' 10.31"

Wranglers Campground N 36° 44' 15.24" W 87° 59' 56.78"

Use MVUM Map for LBL Legal Roads. Use LBL Habitat Map for legal hunt boundaries.

GIS DATA ~ Please go to and scroll to bottom of that page to view GIS Map Data Sets zipfiles for our roads and trails.

Geographical Information System (GIS) Data Disclaimer:  The legal status of Land Between The Lakes’ roads and OHV trails are subject to change.  Please refer to the current Land Between The Lakes Motorized Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) for official legal road/OHV trail status.  The Forest Service uses the most current and complete GIS data available. GIS data accuracy may vary. Using GIS data for purposes other than those for which they were created, may yield inaccurate or misleading results. The Forest Service reserves the right to correct, update, modify or replace GIS data without notification.  FS Law Enforcement violations will be determined by use of official Land Between The Lakes maps:  MVUM, General, Recreation, Hunt Area, Campground, and Trail.



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