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Wildlife viewing is one of our visitors' favorite activities at Land Between The Lakes (LBL). LBL is teeming with wildlife, including elk, bison, white-tail deer, bald eagles, wild turkeys, coyotes, and various birds and forest animals, just to name a few. Spend an afternoon on the shoreline, or enjoy a wooded hike on one of our trails, and observe LBL's wildlife in their natural habitat. You can view wildlife just about anywhere at LBL, but below are some of the places that keep our visitors coming back for more...

Elk and Bison PrairieElk & Bison Prairie - Elk and bison roam in an enclosed, 700-acre pasture. Here you can see elk, bison, and other prairie animals in a habitat much like what you may have seen when the Native Americans were settled in this area. Find out more about the Elk & Bison Prairie!

Woodlands Nature StationWoodlands Nature Station - Come explore our indoor discovery center and our Backyard wildlife exhibits, and visit with our interpreters. Continue your wildlife viewing adventure with one of our guided hiking or canoeing excursions, offered seasonally. Fnd out more about Woodlands Nature Station!

South Bison RangeSouth Bison Range - In addition to the Elk & Bison Prairie, bison roam two adjacent 100-acre pastures. The South Bison Range is located in the southern end of LBL alongside The Trace near The Homeplace, providing additional wildlife viewing opportunities. Remember to bring binoculars for an optimal experience!

There are many other great locations for wildlife viewing at LBL - Hematite Lake, Honker Bay, and Long Creek Trail are just a few. Some wildlife species are best seen at certain times of the year. For example, bald eagles are spotted mostly in January and February, as they migrate further south for the winter. Larger animals like bobcats, coyotes, and white-tail deer are also more commonly seen in the winter when the forest vegetation is less dense. For more information on wildlife viewing locations, please refer to our Recreation Maps or Self-Guided Wildlife Tour Map.

For questions about wildlife viewing, please contact our Administrative Office at 270-924-2000, or e-mail us at .

It is highly recommended that you use tick repellent from March to October, before hiking or other outdoor activities. Tick repellent is available for purchase at all LBL Facilities or at local stores.

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